Radio and TV stations ask Arbitron to find out what programs people tune in to.


Have You Been Contacted for Our Study?

Arbitron is now Nielsen. While our name is changing, your important role in our ratings and research and the use and protection of your information will not.

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If you have received a Secret Shopper letter and check from a company claiming to be “Arbitron” and using Arbitron’s logo, be advised that this letter is not from Arbitron, there is no affiliation with Arbitron, and no connection to our organization, or to any of our partners.

Legitimate, professional survey researchers will not ask you to send money.

If you receive something via email, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at, or if you receive any physical mail, contact your local postal inspector to report this as mail fraud.

This Web site is for people like you who have been selected to take part in the Arbitron Radio and TV Ratings.

If Arbitron has contacted you, your household is one of the few that has been selected to take part in the Arbitron Media Ratings. It is only through the help of people like you that broadcast stations can learn what people enjoy. This is your chance to make your opinion count!

Please take a few minutes to review this Web site—especially the Frequently Asked Questions section, where we explain how our research works.

Participating in an Arbitron Research Study?

If you have received a Radio Ratings Diary, an invitation to carry the Portable People Meter™ or if you are not sure, please call us at 1-800-638-7091. You can also e-mail us at We are here to answer your questions.

About Our Study

Broadcast stations ask Arbitron to find out what programs people tune into. This is how stations get their "ratings." We can’t ask everyone, so we randomly select a few households to represent their town or community. To ensure that everyone has an equal chance of being selected for our study, we cannot accept volunteers.

If you are among the few we’ve chosen, we look forward to having you represent your community. This is an exciting opportunity to have your opinions and media choices count in the ratings. If Arbitron has not yet contacted you, please wait for us to ask you to be a part of our ratings study.

Arbitron Inc. has been measuring radio and TV audiences across the country since 1949. We are known worldwide for the quality of our research. Research is our only business. We’ll never try to sell you anything, and we respect your privacy.